• "I have been to a lot...a LOT of different doctors and when I see you, every single time, without a single exception, I feel better. I feel better on the way, in the session, and driving home. EVERY TIME!"
    Actor, Los Angeles
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Kalec to anyone feeling “stuck” with their healing process. When the body is Ill, it is trying to give us a message. Dr. Kalec’s gentle, non-judgemental, and original NET work successfully uncovers and clears the hidden “root causes” of chronic physical conditions so that the body can quickly heal itself and return to balance. As a holistic healer myself, I find Janice to be brilliant and her work revolutionary."
    Kelli M., Transformational Energy Healer, Texas
  • "You have a wisdom about you that naturally comes with age, and yet you are genuine, truly young at heart."
    Inspired Patient
  • "The techniques Dr.Kalec gave me have been the most consistent part of my life. They WORK! They have saved me, become positive habits, parts of me."
    Gena Cuna, Massage Therapist
  • "Thank you for being such a darling with me, it means the world. Also, I want to acknowledge how truly gifted (on so many levels) a healer you are. Much appreciation!"
    Janet L. Swan, Photographer
  • "The fact that you don’t tell me “how it is”, but rather you help me find out how it is, with me, or my problems, or the world, leaves me free to investigate and probe in my time and in my own way. I really appreciate that."
    Judith Haney, retired
  • "Dr. Kalec is a gifted, knowledgeable and intuitive healer. Her bedside manner is so gentle, as are her adjustments. I always leave my appointments with Dr. Kalec feeling better in every way."
    Anita M. , Calabasas, CA.
  • "You are passionate about your very important work. You have a zest for fun and for life that gets me goin’ and wanting to be more like you!"
    Wisconsin - Star
  • "I’m so very glad to know you. Thank you for helping me unlock the history and thereby make the present so much more peaceful."
    Forever Grateful in Los Angeles

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