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Who is Dr. Janice Kalec, D.C.? Let’s begin with who are YOU reading this, seeking services of a healthcare professional.  Do you have new health concerns or perhaps a chronic condition previously treated by many doctors, healers and yourself, yet it persists? In either case if your health is a priority and you are interested in learning how you may best work with a professional to co-create a higher level of Well being for yourself, we may be a match.

Dr. Janice Kalec, D.C.

A career in teaching preceded pursuits in medicine.  Starting at the high school level and working through earlier education including middle school, upper elementary, lower elementary, kindergarten, the cycle completed itself with me as Director of The Topanga Co-Op Preschool.  With the progression through that full gamut, life gave hands on clinical experience and learning in human development.  Do you know the origin of the word, doctor?  It is from the Latin, docere - “to teach”.

Along the way, performing as a dancer entered unexpectedly.  After performing years passed, it was possible to take the dancer off the stage and not possible to take the dancer out of the woman! The dancer continued by studying and subsequently teaching Creative Movement in Chicago and later in several different locations in Southern California.  A natural progression lead to training in Dance Therapy.  Post graduate studies in Dance Therapy at U.C.L.A.  was the lure to California. 

While in Chiropractic school studies in alternative bodywork modalities along with expansion of spiritual awareness complemented the academic curriculum. To this day I continue taking and teaching academic health related as well as body- emotion- mind and spirit experiential classes and workshops.


Los Angeles College of Chiropractic 1979-1982 - D.C. Degree April 1982

UCLA - Post Graduate Program - Dance Movement Therapy - 1974

Columbia College, Chicago, IL - Classes in Performance, and Creative Movement, 1971-1974

Goodman School of Drama, Chicago, IL - Creative Movement, 1969-1971

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Studies in fme Arts, Crafts, Performance BFA Degree - 1974

Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture - Scottsdale, AZ., Spring Green WI., Montagnola, Switzerland, 1965-1969

University of Maryland, College Park, MD - 1959 - 1960, BS Degree ,in Education

Auburn University, Auburn, AL - 1956-1959


Doctor of Chiropractic in private practice - San Femando Valley, CA. 1982 - present

Teacher in public and private schools and as a private tutor, 1960-1963 and 1969-1983

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